2021 Board Elections

Each year our membership is requested to vote for their board of directors. If you are a current Idaho Whitewater Association member, please vote today by emailing us at contact@idahowhitewater.net. We need your vote today to keep the Idaho Whitewater Association afloat!

Per our bylaws, the board of directors may have a minimum of 4 members and a maximum of 12 members. If you’re interested in joining the board we could use a helping hand! This year has been challenging but we’re riding this storm out on top and we look forward to seeing y’all at the take-out.

If you’re not currently a member visit our website at https://idahowhitewater.org/memberships/ IWA is only as strong as its membership! Our membership is currently low due to the lack of in-person events and we need your support to stay afloat. Please consider joining or renewing today!

The deadline to vote is March 16. Thank you in advance for letting each of us serve on the board of directors!

Vote for Your 2021 Board Members

The following crew would like to stay on board for another ride! We’re dedicated to IWA’s mission and we’re having fun making things happen!


Cris Riggs

I joined the IWA board in 2017 and I’m still having a great time! I returned to Boise in 1991 after spending my childhood traveling from state to state. I love everything our great state has to offer! if it’s outdoors count me in! I am passionate about preserving Idaho wilds and I plan to teach others to do the same. The Idaho Whitewater Association has sent precedent on issues that have preserved Idaho’s rivers for future generations and I hope to be apart of the continued support of these issues.



Alyssa Garbett

Hi, I’m Alyssa Garbett, Treasurer for IWA 2019-current.  I live in Kuna with my two boys. My oldest went kayaking before he was born! I grew up in Pocatello, spent four summers working at Redfish Lake Lodge during college. I became hooked to rafting after running Dagger Falls in 2002 and rafting the Grand Canyon in 2003. I manage Runoff River Adventures in Utah and have run nearly 60 different rivers in BC Canada and the western U.S. I have a bachelor’s in finance and I enjoy hiking, backpacking, photography, volleyball, canyoneering, rock climbing, and rafting.

Wil Hubbard

I have been an IWA board member from 2019-present. I’m a guide on the salmon river in the summer and manufacture whitewater gear in my spare time with my two kids for Any Little River. I look forward to promoting river safety and awareness and appreciate being able to serve on the board. Look forward to seeing ya on the river.


Kevin Jones

I have served on IWA’s board since 2017. I am a native Idahoan growing up in the mountains of northern Idaho. I work for the State of Idaho in the GIS/Mapping field. In my spare time, I like to cataraft, downhill ski, workout, snowshoe, backpack, camp,  hunt, and spending time with my lab, Tappan. I have worked for various fisheries and hydrology and trail projects throughout Idaho. Thank you for allowing me to serve on the board since 2017.


Ken Ahlefed

I have served on the board since 2017. I live in Kuna and have two great kids that share my love for the outdoors! I enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking, snowshoeing, and rafting. If it’s outdoors I’ll give it a shot! I’ve been rafting for thirteen plus years making great memories with friends and family.  I am excited for the opportunity to continue serving as an IWA board member and making great things happen this year!


Paul Collins

I have served on the IWA board since 2017. I am a Boise physician and orthopedic surgeon living in Boise for thirty years. Rafting, kayaking, and river experiences have been a significant part of my life. I have one granddaughter, two children, and married to a beautiful woman. My boating experiences have taken me all over this wonderful state, and the efforts of the Idaho Whitewater Association have kept this doable.  I greatly appreciate the history IWA has created preserving our access to the great rivers of Idaho and I enjoy being a part of our future. I will continue to keep this a part of your love and life as well.


Garth Levandoski

I have served on the board since 2019.  More to come!

Marc McCord

I am a Texas-born whitewater canoeist (and occasional rafter) with well over 17,800 miles since 2001. I am an avid wilderness tripper preferring multi-day wilderness river trips of 7-15 days. I joined IWA in 2016, soon after arriving in Idaho, and was elected to the Board in 2020, just in time for the pandemic. I look forward to continued service to IWA and my fellow whitewater boaters.

Amber Dawn McCarrel

I have served on the IWA board since 2019.  I was born and raised in Idaho. I have been tubing, kayaking, and rafting my whole life.  I am a multi-day raft guide and pro dutch oven cook on the salmon river.  I look forward to continuing the adventure of being an active member of the white water community.

Teresa Roundy

I am the currently IWA’s Secretary and I have served on the IWA board since 2017. I work as a service coordinator for adults with special needs. I first moved to Idaho in 2005. I love being outdoors and am happy to serve another year on the board.


Mike Seaman

It was my third trip down the Salmon that I realized the guides were younger than me, so I should probably come out next year and guide, instead of riding along as a client again. So I did. 10,000+ miles later, I’ve retired from full-time guiding with many Main Salmon and Middle Fork Salmons under my belt. The occasional Selway and local day stretch got in there, too. Nowadays, a father of 3 young future guides, I try to get a late-season deadhead, a South Fork Salmon, and a week somewhere downstream, to round out the family trips we take throughout the year. I try to get my kids on the river as much as possible, especially in the colder and less popular seasons. I met my wife, a fellow guide, in Stanley.
I’d love to be a part of the board! I’m big into recreation, family stuff, conservation stuff, and salmon restoration. Thanks for the opportunity!